Why Do I Need A Property Inspection?

-A home is one of, if not the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. This is why having your home inspected by a professional is so important. The goal of a home inspection is to educate the prospective buyer on the condition of the homes’ structural systems, electrical system, HVAC system, plumbing system and built in appliances as well as any safety issues or concerns.

I Am Building A New Home, Should I Still Worry About Getting It Inspected?

-Absolutely! Building a new home is an exciting and rewarding experience for the homeowner, and the home inspection is something often overlooked. Having the mind set that your new home will not have any problems is something that comes back to haunt many home owners. As the buyer, you should have someone who is looking out for your best interests and is ensuring work on your newly constructed home is done correctly. Keep in mind, the price of a home inspection pales in comparison when considering the issues and costs you may face from an inadequately constructed new home. The price of a home inspection is minor compared to years of problems from a poorly constructed home!

How Long Does A Property Inspection Take?

-Every home is different. A typical 2000 square foot home can take several hours if not longer to inspect. Remember, the property inspector is working for you. As the client, you do not want an inspector who just glances over the property. You want someone who takes the time to conduct a thorough and detailed inspection of the home and identifies any issues or concerns you may want addressed prior to closing.

Do I Need To Be Present For The Inspection?

-It is always advisable to have the buyer or the buyer’s representative present for the inspection and wrap up discussion. This allows your inspector to review and explain any issues or concerns identified during the inspection process.

Why Are Some Home Inspections Cheaper Than Others?

-Each and every inspector in Texas is required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and adhere to their Standards of Practice. The Houston metropolitan area is full of great inspectors; however there are some inspectors who perform only the minimum standards set forth by The Texas Real Estate Commission. At Integrity Property Inspection Services, PPLC, we take pride in performing a thorough and detailed inspection for every client.